The following specifications as regards construction and aesthetics of the instruments are those most commonly used.


Chest instrument comprising two parts which, if necessary, can be separated. The lower part contains the bellows and the upper the windchest, pipes and keyboard.


Woodwork in cherry, polished, varnished and waxed. Doors with lateral and front hinges which, if required, can be fretted for greater sound diffusion with doors closed. Vanishing handles for moving. When open, the top can also serve as a music stand. The rank of pipes under the keyboard serves to close that side.
A pull-out keyboard in deal, standardized dimensions (760 mm) using a historical subdivision.
Naturals covered with ebony or boxwood; sharps in pearwood covered with bone or e-bony. Sticker action.
Windchest with grooves and sliders. Frame and upperboards in oak. Upper panel in oak, lo-wer panel in deal. Wind dividers in oak. Windbox in deal, pallets in cedarwood with double sheepskin. Brass springs. Washers in “liegelind” or “kasimir” guarantee a airtight seal.
Basses pipes in white deal; Trebles in pearwood (Sn 85% on request). All pipes are accessibi-le and with a mechanism for frequent tuning.
Stops action to the left of the keyboard. Action movement 20 mm.
Wind ducts with flexible tubing.
Wind supply with silent ventilator, Ventola 220/ V. Definitive lubrication.